Our Directory Programs!

Unique Startup Directory Programs

We just launched four new directory programs consisting of 80 online business directories that are unlike any other directory programs on the Internet!

The purpose of our directories is to give our clients a cost effective medium to "expand" on their marketing efforts. We are not trying to take clients away from their current marketing providers.

About the Programs

Small Biz Directories

The Small Biz Directories program is reserved for and limited to small businesses. The purpose of Small Biz Directories is to help small businesses grow their business because of the challenge to compete with larger companies.

Entertainment Directories

The Entertainment Directories program is reserved for and limited to entertainment companies. This includes the local bowling alley, golf course, to the large theme parks. There are no size limits for these companies. Any company that provides entertainment activities and/or attractions can join this directory program.

Exclusive Directories

The Exclusive Directories program is unlike any other directory program on the Internet. There are no specific business sector or size limitations to join. What makes it unique and exclusive is that we accept only ONE of each type of business in each city or town. For example, if there are five barber shops in a city, only one will be accepted. The first barber shop that signs up will be the ONLY barber shop listed in that city in all 20 (twenty) online (member-only) Exclusive Directories, and future directories in the program! As you can see it is very exclusive.

Software Directories

The Software Directories program is reserved for and limited to software companies. Software is the core of all computers and mobile devices. Often it is difficult for businesses and consumers to find the software applications they are looking for. The purpose of our directories is to get your software products out on the Internet in more places to get it additional exposure to help consumers find the software they are looking for. You can list any type of software in our directories, to include business, personal, web-based, and mobile applications.

What Makes us Different from Other Directory Programs

Note: In addition to adding more directories to each program in the future, we will be adding new directory programs in the future.

We encourage you to visit the directorys above to get more information. Just click on the logo links above.