Business Development Consultants

Remote "Work From Home" Opportunity

310 Positions Nationwide (Full Time or Part Time)

Generous Compensation, Automatic Pay Increases
Bonuses, Expense Reimbursement

Position Description

The Business Development Consultant is a remote work-from-home position. Consultants are responsible for the recruitment of businesses in their region for three online business directory programs consisting of 60 business directories. The directories are exclusive and specialized to a specific sector of businesses, such as small businesses and entertainment companies. In addition, consultants will help expand business development services by identifying new services that can be provided to clients and increasing the visibility of the business directories. Consultants will conduct business reviews and assessments.

Position Responsibilities

  1. Recruit businesses in your assigned region for three member-only online business directory programs consisting of 60 different online directories. New programs and directories will be added in the future.
  2. Identify new services that can be added to the directories and offered to clients to help develop their business.
  3. Help increase the visibility of the directories in your assigned region by periodically making posts about the directories on online local bulletin boards, local blogs, social media platforms, and other online locations.
  4. Assist other regional business development consultants by sharing materials and effective methods for business recruitment.
  5. Conduct business reviews and assessments.


There are 310 regions in the United States. Each region contains a large city centrally located within the region. The name of the large city is used as the name of the region to identify the region. Each region expands out from the centrally located large city and encompasses numerous cities, towns, and communities. The regions were designed to ensure the country is completely covered and that each consultant would have a large quantity of potential clients.

There is only one Business Development Consultant assigned to each region. The region you are assigned to is yours. You do not have to live in the city of the region name. You can live in one of the surrounding cities or towns, but must be within the region. You will be provided a region boundary map for your state in the Business Development Consultant Portal. It will show the boundaries of your region in your state.

Required Qualifications and Skills

  1. Must be Internet savvy and know how to do basic research on the Internet and know how to find and post on local online blogs, bulletin boards, discussion boards, group boards, community boards, newsletters, forums, chat rooms, and social media platforms.
  2. You must live within the region you are responsible for and be familiar and knowledgeable of the cities, towns, and communities within your region.
  3. Must have good verbal, written, and listening communication skills.
  4. Must have experience working with business owners and managers.
  5. Must be a self starter, motivated, and ability to quickly pick up and understand new business environments.
  6. Must have a reliable computer and Internet connection.
  7. Must have reliable transportation within your region.
  8. Must be authorized to work in the United States, such as a U.S. citizen, US Territory National, or lawful permanent resident.


Compensation is based on two aspects: Compensation Level and Annual Client Subscription Rate.

The Compensation Level is based on the total number of active clients recruited in your region. The compensation level automatically increases as the number of clients increase. An active client is a client that has subscribed or renewed and maintaining their annual subscription. You receive your first increase (and bonus) after reaching only 100 clients. The total number of active clients includes all subscribed clients from all three and future directory programs in your region "combined".

The Client Annual Subscription Rate is the annual rate that clients pay to subscribe for the directory services. Each set of directories have different compensation rates, which is based on their subscription rates and any discount given.

It is important to note that your compensation for recruiting a client is not a one time payment. You receive compensation each year that your clients in your region renew their annual subscription. The only requirement is that you must be an active consultant.

Bonuses: Currently, there are four methods to earn bonuses. One method is identifying new services that can be offered to our clients. The other three methods involve reaching higher compensation levels. We will be adding new bonus programs in the future.

Expense Reimbursement: As part of your recruiting efforts you may have some expenses, such as paid ad postings, business cards, flyers, etc. We have implemented a reimbursement program to help offset those expenses.


DirectoriesURL Link
Small Biz Directories (just launched)
Entertainment Directories (just launched)
Exclusive Directories (just launched)
More specialized directories to be developed 

Directory Services Description

The goal of our directory services is to help local businesses grow their business by providing a unique low cost online marketing option. Below are the highlights of the directory services:

We encourage you to visit the directory websites mentioned above to get a complete picture of the services offered to our clients.

Position Type

Business Development Consultants are 1099 contractor positions. Contract terms are for one year and are automatically renewed for consultants that maintain an active consultant status.

How to Apply

  1. Identify your region - if not already taken. (Each region only has one consultant)
  2. Submit a detailed resume or CV.
  3. Additional detailed information on the position will be sent to you.
  4. A short phone interview will be set up and conducted.
  5. If selected, you will need to submit the following:
    • Signed Business Development Consultant Services Agreement.
    • Signed IRS Form W-9.
    • Proof of authorization to work in the United States as a U.S. citizen, US Territory National, or lawful permanent resident. This proof can be a copy of your birth certificate, naturalization, or other legal employment authorization document.
  6. Once the materials have been received and reviewed you will receive a copy of the signed agreement, company email account, and login credentials for the Business Development Consultant Portal. You will also receive a very detailed guidelines document that provides knowledge base information about the directory programs, recruitment methods and materials, online posting guidelines, recruitment planning, directory visibility promotion, business development consultant portal, and other needed information to guide your recruitment efforts.

Apply for Position - Step 1: Email Address Verification

Note: Please use a personal email address below and not one assigned by a job search site. We will be contacting you at that email account.

Note: To verify your email address a verification code will be sent to you at the email address above. You will need to enter the verification code to continue with the application process.